Subscription Options

Limited Standard Pro
Price per month Free $19.99 Ask for quote
Attendees Number of people attending any of your meetings, excluding meetings that have ended up to 3 up to 20 more than 20
Create Attendee Passes Meetings created on the Limited tier have one pass created for each meeting. Other tiers can create additional passes for meetings that need more than one pass. 1 per meeting
Send Pass Alerts and Updates Send a pass alert that shows up as a phone lock-screen message for attendees who have installed your pass. Or you can update your attendees' passes with the latest content without an alert message. up to 10 times per day
Pass Install Confirmation See which attendees have installed your pass.
Beacon Support
iPhone Passes
Android Passes
Tech Support Email Email Email, Phone, Remote
Customize Invite Messages No
Customize Passes Add graphics to your pass or add additional info fields to the back of the pass. No
Customize Pass Barcodes Enter your own values for each attendee's pass barcode instead of using the default random barcode value generated for each attendee. No
Team Accounts Invite other people to help organize your meeting. No No Coming Soon

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